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The Mysterious Life of a Locksmith

Working as a professional locksmith is not just a plain and dull 9:00 to 17:00 job. Quite the opposite, it includes a lot of trade secrets and tips which sometimes make professional locksmiths seem like magicians, pulling a rabbit out … Read more

Home Security Satats in Daly City CA

Home Security Stats in Daly City CA

Surprisingly, two million homes in the United States are victims of burglaries. This growing statistics is very alarming considering that residents are afraid whether or not they will experience a break-in any time of the day. According to statistics, Daly … Read more


Steps to Upgrade Your Security

  Secure all passage entryways with Grade 1 deadbolts for top-grade security. A sufficiently bright house, particularly around evening time, is significantly safer than one in the dark. Consider installing movement sensors. Security cameras are very accessible nowadays. Consider putting … Read more

Why You Should Only Hire a Licensed Locksmith Services Provider

Why You Should Only Hire a Licensed Locksmith Services Provider

When you search for a locksmith services provider you will find you have a wide variety to choose from. Just as with any type of service there are those who are better than others. One thing you should insist upon … Read more

How to Recognize a Reliable Locksmith

How to Recognize a Reliable Locksmith

Have you been wondering how to recognize a reliable locksmith?┬áIt’s actually quite hard to find a list of pro locksmith techs here in Daly City… Moreover, how do you know which of them is absolutely reliable? There are several indicators … Read more