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Daly City Client Testimonials

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Premier Locksmith is one of the best local businesses in Daly City, in my opinion. I work at the Chamber of Commerce in the city and I know the signs of a business that values its place in the community. If I could bottle the spirit and decent, hardworking attitude of the staff here, I would do so and make every local business hold the say honest values as those folks.” Roger Stannard

“I haven’t lived in Daly City all that long and so I am still trying to collect a good “little black book” of business services in the area. I had a great locksmith team I used up in Sacramento and was concerned it would take me too long to find a good providers here. What luck to have come across Premier Locksmith –  cheap at three times the price!” Ryan Olsen

“Back where I’m from originally, in the South Side of Chicago, there are some truly horrific get-ups masquerading as 24-hour emergency locksmiths. I am talking a guy with a monkey wrench and a beaten up old hammer wanting $500 to come bash the goodness out of your locks. When my wife and I moved to Daly City a month ago for her to attend a graduate program in San Francisco, we wanted to start off in our new home with new locks. We were both surprised and relieved when the locksmith from Premier & Locksmith turned up early (!) and with all of the correct tools and apparatus! He did a sterling job and charged a very reasonable fee for excellent work. Thank you!” Jack Herren

“If you are reading this and are having any doubts at all about the quality of work that these gentlemen offer, take it from my 92-year old great-aunt who received a visit from a locksmith from Premier & Locksmith yesterday – she said that the locksmith was “incredibly polite, very efficient and even cleaned up after himself. A true gentleman.” There you have it!” Isabelle Fraser-Gausden

“After my father lost the keys to my house, I had no choice but to change the locks on all of the doorsPremier Locksmith arrived quickly and replaced all of the locks at a very reasonable price. Are you buying a used car or truck? Without a doubt, contact Premier Locksmith and arrange for them to come and re-key the car’s locks.
I just came back from a long business trip and realized that I lost my house keys. Luckily, a friend suggested
Premier Locksmith for 24-Hour locksmith services and they arrived quickly and got me into my house. Although I thought I had thoroughly planned our house move, I suddenly realized on moving day that I did not arrange to change the door locks. In a panic, I called Premier Locksmith who was able to re-key all of the locks that afternoon. I have raised a smart kid – when my son realized that he locked my car keys in the car, instead of calling me and getting me upset, he simply called Premier Locksmith to rescue him and then drove home as if nothing happened.” Peter Telon