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The Mysterious Life of a Locksmith

Working as a professional locksmith is not just a plain and dull 9:00 to 17:00 job. Quite the opposite, it includes a lot of trade secrets and tips which sometimes make professional locksmiths seem like magicians, pulling a rabbit out of a seemingly empty hat.

Premier Auto Car & Locksmith has taken the liberty to reveal 9 of those secrets to you, so switch to listening mode:

  • Best lock most people don’t know, but the best lock you can get installed on your door is a deadbolt covered with a steel plate and reinforced with 3 inch long screws, which go all the way into the frame.
  • Near door window – in case you have a window near your entry door or even in the door itself, be sure to enhance the window’s deadbolt lock with a double cylinder lock which requires a key, in order to make it harder for burglars.
  • Master key congratulations! You’re moving into a new house. Your first order of business should be rekeying the entire locking system. This way you can be sure no previous key owner can gain entry.
  • High security key – if you need a key that cannot be duplicated, ask your professional locksmith about one, rather than just buy a “do not duplicate” generic key.
  • Maintain your safe if you want your safe to remain safe, keep in mind that you must turn its dial slowly and gently, oil it periodically, and not close it if you suspect something is wrong with it.
  • Always available – and by that we mean always. So even if you need us locksmiths several times in one day, don’t hesitate to call us as much as you need. We’ve seen it all and we won’t be surprised.
  • Used cars – if you buy a used car and you are about to rekey it you don’t necessarily need the used car agency to do it for you. Any professional auto locksmith can get the job done for you.
  • Jammed locks – sometimes, locks get jammed. Surprisingly often, the solution is simpler than you think as WD40 will do the trick and save you time, effort, and money.
  • Reputation is everything – find a reputable locksmith to make sure you get professional service.

Safe and Sound

It is really easy to improve your safety and confidence that your locking system is intact and taken care off. Just call a professional and renowned locksmith that will make your life much easier.