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Home Security Tips & Stats in Daly City

Thankfully, Daly City is a fairly safe place to live and work. That’s not something you can say about every city in the Bay Area. But just because the city seems safe doesn’t mean you should take any chances when it comes to home security. To give you some idea of how to stay safe, Premier Locksmith has put together this quick and easy guide.

Home Security Stats

In terms of national crime rates, Daly City is considered ‘average’. That ranks the city as safer than San Francisco and Colma, but not as safe as Pacifica and Millbrae. Theft is the most common instance of crime, accounting for approximately 51% of all reported crime. Burglary is second most common, accounting for 19% of Daly City crime. Daly City experienced 395 instances of burglary in 2012, according to That’s a rate of 382.3 per 100,000 residents. This number was considerably lower than the national average (670 per 100,000). However, that rate represents the highest this century, something all property owners should keep in mind. You can find out where recent burglaries were carried out over at the City Hall website.

Tips for Improving Home Security

There’s no reason you should live in fear of burglary, providing you’re prepared that is. Here are five quick home security tips to help you out.

  1. Install an alarm

As well as alerting you (and the authorities) to intruders and burglars, a highly visible alarm system also serves as a first class deterrent to thieves, burglars and other questionable individuals.

  1. Checks your locks

Locks can lose some of their impetus over time. Be sure to have your locks inspected by a professional locksmith every few years to ensure they’re still in good working order.

  1. Change your locks

If you’ve just moved in or if an estranged partner/flatmate/tenant has moved out, change your locks. There’s no way of knowing how many copies of your house key are floating around, unless you take control.

  1. Don’t leave a spare key under the doormat

Or anywhere else obvious for that matter. If you don’t have a trustworthy friend, neighbor, colleague or family member to leave your spare with, at least leave it an original and non-obvious location.

  1. Make a habit of locking doors

No matter how good your locks are, they’ll do very little if they’re left open. Make it a habit to check all of your door and window locks before you go to bed, before you leave the house, or at any other time they might be left unguarded. It’s also worth considering locking doors and windows if you’re not in the same room.

If you’ve been burglarized or if you’re interested in shoring up your property against burglars, Premier Locksmith can be of assistance. We provide a comprehensive locksmith service, including security checks and post-burglary services, throughout Daly City.